Hybrid Marketing Using Social Media When Selling A Home

Name riders with customize URL is one of the powerful tools you can have in your arsenal when selling a home simply because it is live and direct.  Why? Because it is kinesthetic and visual usually stays longer in our memory. Also, home Buyer’s are always on the go when searching for their dream home and they do it within their own time.

Statistics says almost 95% of home buyers nowadays search on the internet first before talking and committing to any real estate broker.

Having a 24 hours virtual tour is a great advantage to get your home sold providing you have the resources to create one but can be very costly if you don’t have one. Hiring a Professional photographer or a website designer to name a few.

Fortunately Great Real Estate Advice offers all this services as part of our overall package when selling your home. We offer a hybrid marketing a combination of traditional approach combined with a latest cutting edge technology.

When you choose us to represent you in selling your home we offer the following that is above and beyond traditional marketing.

1. We will create a customize URL with your address on a name rider sign so passerby can easily view your live virtual tour 24/7 on their mobile or smart phone.

2. We will take unlimited photos necessary to showcase your home.

3. We will make room by room video’s of your property.

4. Most importantly we will sell your home within a given time frame.

Here are few samples:

For a complete sample click here. We use straight from the heart marketing we tell it how it is we like to make it fun and no gimick! Just imagine how fun and easy it is to sell your home!



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