Few Tips To Remember When Shopping For A Home Contractor

Whether you are looking to have your home windows replaced, new siding installed on your garage or a pool built for the summer months ahead, it’s always important to find a home contractor that you can trust. The Better Business Bureau recommends following this smart shopper checklist before choosing a contractor for your home appointment.

Be picky and have lots of options. Let’s face it a contractor will always go for a big fish to fry so you have to make sure that after you hand in a deposit that they will actually show up to work the following day and not to the next big project.

Make sure they are certified and insured. You may want to deal with a reputable contractor that can guarantee a proper job done according to the standards. Sometimes it is impossible to chase after a contractor who is not certified and most importantly it is hard to dispute it in the court of law.

Get everything in writing. The most important piece of information in the contract is the starting and the ending date of the contract. The reason for this is because in the legal dispute it is hard to prove in the small claim court a valid contract without having a starting date and ending date. A contractor may not wish to complete the project on time without a specified date and the judge are more likely not to intervene in a poor written or invalid contract. In Ontario it is a challenge to sue a contractor and some will say it is a waste of time going after a contractor!

Remember the rule of thirds and follow it. A rule of thumb is to pay one-third at the start of the project, one-third when work is 50 percent completed and one-third after completion and most importantly keep the receipt as a reference.

Always remember that you may pay a higher premium for a contractor that has something to lose for not doing  it right and in contrast you will end up paying more to take a contractor to court if you cut corners! 



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